Weigher with dual feeding auger B/2C-K

Weigher with dual feeding auger B/2C-K

From 5 to 25 kg

For weighing dusty products such as: spices powder, flour, milk powder, powder for confectionery, chemicals , plaster, cement, pre-mixed for building, etc.

Technical Data

Weights From 5 to 25 kg

Weighing system

With dual feeding auger
Capacity From 10 to 15 weights/min

Weight control


Weighing box volume

To be defined

Power consumption

2 kw
Frame and parts in contact Painted steel or
Stainless steel 314-316


*The diameter of the augers and the volume of the weighing box are dimensioned according to the type of product and to the required weights.

* Possibility to combine 2 or more weighers for higher production.